Codicil to Will

Some juristictions require that a Will be witnessed by three witnesses in order to be valid.

Some jurisdictions require that a Will be notarized by a Notary Public in order to be valid.

Some jurisdictions require that a Will be notarized by a licenced law practitioner (lawyer).

Check with your local authorities.


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  Date of Last Will    
  Date of Previous Codicil, if any    
  Previous Codicil (FIRST, SECOND,...)    
  Name of Recipient of Bequest of money    
  Address of Bequest Recipient    
  Money value in words of Bequest    
  Money value in numerals of Bequest    
  Name of Recipient of Specific Asset    
  Address of Specific Asset Recipient    
  Name of Specific Asset    
  Name of Recipient for modified bequest    
  Address of modified bequest recipient    
  Money value in words of new Bequest    
  Money value in numerals of new Bequest    
  Article number of Last Will to modify    
  Name of Person to revoke bequest    
  Description of bequest being revoked    
  Address of Person of revoked bequest    
  Article number of Last will to modify    
  Name of new Executor of Last Will    
  Address of new Executor    
  Name of former Executor    
  Date of Signing of Codicil    
  Date of Signing of Witnesses    
  Name of Witness 1    
  Address of Witness 1    
  Name of Witness 2    
  Address of Witness 2    
  Name of Witness 3    
  Address of Witness 3    

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